Saturday, April 16, 2022

                              THANK YOU ALL for the support! 

"hey Nelson,

Those are great! I really appreciate your eye. Thanks for sharing!"
bassist Will Lee  (April 2010) David Letterman Show and studio ace

"Great stuff!"
>> bassist extraordinaire Billy Sheehan

re: my Y&T photos:
"Nice work indeed. The band and crew has been admiring your shots for 2 days now (thanks to wifi in the bus)"
>> Dave Meniketti, lead guitarist, vocalist, and founding member of Y&T (2010)

"Nelson Onofre is the next generation of great Blues photographers"
>> Richard Ludmerer, Blues Disciples Productions (2011)

"Really great photos, see you soon, thanks man!"
>> guitarist Oz Noy (March 2012)

"Nelson Onofre is one of the finest music photographers I've seen. Such vivid images capturing important moments in time!"
bassist Dann Glenn

re: a Dana Fuchs photo:
"What the f**k dude, this pic is just gorgeous, congratulations...."

"Your photos are inspirational - I'll take a look at your websites for more inspiration!"

"I love music photography too. Your photos are works of art - magical!"

"Your shots are the best"
>> Jimmy Kunes, lead vocalist for Cactus (2011)

"holy shit thank you!!!! the pictures (as I knew they would be) are AWESOME!!!!!!!!"

"wow thanks! Best to you. you have an amazing eye and an absolutely amazing soul"

"Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and article from our show in Feb."

"I just saw your photos from the Winger Show. These are in a word, incredible"

"Nelson, the photos look great. Thanks so much"
>> Blues guitarist James Armstrong

"thanks for the photos.. saw some on your site.. looks good"
>> keyboardist Jeff Lorber (2011)

"Thank you sooooooooooo much! You are most definitely a
wonderful photographer! 
Richie will so so so appreciate these photos!"

"Hello Nelson,
My name is Dean Campbell and I'm with Campbell American Guitars.
David Fiuczynski is a friend of mine and also happens to be one of
our endorsees.
He showed me your blog and the pictures you took
at the band's Iridium gig. Nice stuff.

Any chance of my using some of those on our website and face book page?"

"These photos are fantastic. Thanks for the pics and the kind words"
>> KISS tribute band KISS NATION (2011)

"The pictures are really great and I would like your permission to
forward them to
 Jason "Malletman" Taylor"
NELSON! I LOVE THESE SHOTS. You obviously are immensely
talented to have gotten these excellent results despite the
poor lighting.
>>Moonstruck Promotions (July 2010)

"Thanks Nelson...the photo of Suzanne is extraordinary"
>>Scott Barbarino of Iridium (Jan. 2012)

"Hi Nelson,
This is Katie Jacoby, the electric violinist from the Ed
Palermo Big Band. 
I saw some of the shots you took
on the Iridium facebook page the other 
week and was
blown away. Although a musician most of the time, I've

recently become interested in photography and am in
love with your work!"

(October 2011)

"Hi Nelson,
I love your website! Thanks for the great pics"
>>guitarist Steve Bargonetti (August 2011)

"Hi Nelson,
Thanks again for an AMAZING job on the shots. You simply rock!!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support
and amazing photography"
>>jazz vocalist Janine Alondres (Jan. 2012)

"Your photos are some of the finest I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy"
>>singer Nicole Hart (2011)

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