Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gregg Rolie 'Live at The Iridium' CD
cover photos: Nelson Onofre

Thank You Gregg Rolie and Iridium!

Lou Pallo CD Release, Iridium, Sept. 2012

Joe Louis Walker

The Les Paul Trio

The Les Paul Trio
Lou Pallo, Nicki Parrott and John Colianni

Les Paul's guitar
also on the cover of Lou Pallo's DVD

Blondie Chaplin with The Les Paul Trio

Blondie Chaplin and John Colianni

Blondie Chaplin and Johnny A

Lou Pallo and Blondie Chaplin

John Colianni

Johnny A and Steve Miller

Lexie Roth

Lexie Roth and her dad, Arlen Roth

Lou Pallo holds up his DVD

Lou Pallo and Joe Louis Walker

Lou Pallo and Arlen Roth

Lou Pallo and Eddie Brigati

Lou Pallo and Jay Leonhart

Lou Pallo and Nicki Parrott

Nicki Parrott

Steve Miller